Mapper’s Delight

Tahir Hemphill

“Data Needs Memory describes the process of adding the qualitative back to the quantitative; with the purpose of giving life to the stories these data were meant to be in service to.”


Mapper’s Delight

David Goldberg

"What I really want is to navigate an abstracted layer of networked objects in a way that is inspired by the aesthetic sensibilities and technical approach that a dub engineer brings to the studio."


glass menagerie

Margaret Schedel

“For individuals who can hear, sound is a crucial component of immersive experiences which is often overlooked (note the ocular-centric language). For individuals with vision impairment, sound design can aid in accessibility if implemented correctly.”


NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism

Ashley Baccus-Clark

“Modern technological + scientific developments and concerns of Black people are interwoven.”



Melissa F. Clarke

“Perhaps it's the excitement found in revisiting a process that continues to you yield beautiful patterns; process can be as inspirational as form.”


Indigo Impact

Maria Judice

“Storytellers are in the best position to drive the innovation of technologies and platforms. They should have a seat at the table from start.”

C.T.R.L. Alliance

Nikita Huggins

“Language and culture are inseparable. Teaching the etymology of a language through exposure to the history of a place will serve to preserve the language and culture and create a sense of pride - my words are actually words.”

As Of A Now

Elissa Blount Moorhead

“I am constantly thirsty for representation and it does not have to be beautiful. We don’t have to be coiffed and flawless. I’m really interested in those spaces that are less heralded, but more representative.”


When IT All Changed

Sultan Sharrief

“With the invention of every new information technology we are bombarded with messages about its potential for change. But until we change our ways of relating to each other, new tech will only replicate and spread the status quo.”



Making a New Reality: Furthering Equality in Emerging Media

Kamal Sinclair

“Sinclair is Director of the Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Labs Program, supporting artists who work at the convergence of film, art, media and technology. Her practice includes development and curation of landmark projects in the evolution of story, including experiments in VR, AR, and data as storytelling media. One of her signature production credits is a transmedia art project Question Bridge: Black Males. Sinclair was profiled by New York Magazine as one of the leading women in an emergent VR industry, alongside Bjork and Nonny de la Peña.”


Andrew Smith • Ayana V Jackson • Barry Threw • Cydney Gray • Dallas Penn • Dawn-Elissa Fischer • Don Undeen • Eric Payne • Gabo Arora • Harry Allen • Heather Bradbury • Isabel Walcott Draves • Israel David • Ivan Sigal • Jamil Hamilton • Jared Nielsen • Jax Deluca • Jennifer Ferretti • Jerome Harris • Julia Kim • Lauren Ruffin • Li Sumpter • Maori Holmes • Mario Moorhead • Mikal Amin Lee • Nettrice R. Gaskins • Nicola Phillips • Nikita Huggins • Paul Lai • Ali Santana • Ingrid Burrington • Ramsey Nasser • DeShuna Spencer •


Quantifying Kissinger

Micki Kaufman

“The increasing torrent of cultural output requires historians evolve beyond traditional "cherry-picking" of evidence, towards computation and visualization, to understand and interpret the complex and often contradictory dimensions of our shared history.”


Monsters: Keepers of the Land

Amelia Winger-Bearskin

“I approach decentralized storytelling in a Haudenosaunee way: Our current world is the result of seven generations before me. I am interacting with the world designed by my ancestors and yours. My life is a way to communicate with the people born in the future seven generations from now.”


Iyapo Repository

Ayodamola Okunseinde

“Art should be functional prophetic tools for developing healing narratives and projecting a community’s identity. It should be a portal to review the past and manipulate the future via audience interaction.”



Brandon Brown

“The will toward the 'technical' tries to externalize limitless desire as consumer choices–the self as a dataset. Musicality–and specifically dance–transforms finite spaces into a surface of play where technical, choreographic and even political limits become the very ground of freedom.”


Videographic Frankenstein

Shane Denson

“We live in an age of post-cinematic media, where material traces and informatic predictors are operationalized and used against their human originators. We need to find ways to mediate between and recalibrate human and nonhuman agencies.”


Juvenile Detention / Impossible Courage

Atthar Mirza

“Virtual reality is not the matrix, and can be used to bring the real world closer to us.”

pamela council.jpg

Blaxidermy Playland

Pamela Council

“I am interested in how we deal with this shell, this case for ourselves called our bodies. I’m fascinated with the relationship between the body you live in and how you have to move in this world.”


Immersive Reality Lab for the Humanities

Marisa Parham

“None of this is a matter of what is possible. In living with the constant possibility of more possibility, we see that the challenge is not always in what is technically possible, but rather who is enabled to tell their stories with new technologies.”


Mapper’s Delight

David Goldberg

“David A. M. Goldberg is a veteran cultural practitioner of hip-hop and a writer, teacher, programmer, and media developer who has used a lifelong interest in art, culture, and technology to transform the means by which people access, assess, and organize knowledge. He has leveraged this experience across a wide range of academic, mediated, and commercial humanities contexts that include courses on hip-hop and American culture, hip-hop STEAM workshops, and independent curriculum development. He is currently pursuing his PhD in American studies from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. His dissertation is a media archaeology of the color-line that implicates historic and societal lessons learned from the maintenance of chattel slavery in the development of the present’s digital virtuality. ”